Monday, January 30, 2017

Snow Day

The kids got to play with their grandparents by making 5 snowmen, riding sleds and an ATV, and general snowy antics, like snow-ball fighting.  Then they had soup and hot chocolate and came home.  It is a joy to have my parents live so close!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas 2016

We got to host Christmas at our home this year. Uncle Dean and Emily came to spend Christmas eve with us, spend the night and enjoy Christmas day here too.  They came at lunch time to make good on a promise to Joseph to take him out for sushi for his birthday present.

My parents joined us at dinner time.  We just enjoyed time with the family around a fire, in front of the tree, with Christmas music on and it was such an amazing time together.  Emily and Dean gave the children their (very noisy, but super awesome) gifts.  Abigail kept tabs on the big guy on NORAD's Santa Tracker.  As 9 pm approached, there was a yawn-full reading of The Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning, my dad was first awake and happily drinking coffee, followed quickly by Abigail and Mama around 6 am.  Joseph followed around 6:40 (he slept in: it's a Christmas miracle!!).  We let the kids wake Dean and Emily at 7 and they took their time opening presents and enjoying time to play with each one throughout the day.

Mid-morning, Uncle Jim and Aunt Steph arrived and the rest of the day was spent enjoying family, eating, playing games, eating, playing White Elephant, eating, and watching the Steelers win.  The kids were wide awake way past bedtime (it didn't help that both passed out mid-afternoon for naps).  They giggled for almost an hour on their new sleeping bags before they fell asleep completely exhausted, happy, and used up.  Abigail said her favorite part of the day was having her family all together.  Joseph said his favorite was the toys.

I love the anticipation for Christmas.  I love the time with family and I love the ages of the kids.  I know that in a blink, they will want to spend the day with their friends and get new iphones (or whatever is the in gadget) for Christmas.  So for right now, I am just loving this time as it is.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

6 Years Later

6 years ago, this little nugget entered our lives.
She was scared and sad and covered head to toe in pink.

Now she lights up a room, is a kind, old soul, and wears shark pajamas.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sunday Snapshot

This is when Abigail found out that the Millennium
Falcon is also Santa's favorite ship from Star Wars.  Who knew?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving: Thankful for Family and My Amazing Kids

She gets more beautiful
and more clever every day

Time with Uncle Dean

We love Uncle Dean and Aunt Emily

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Abigail's First Hike on Old Rag Mountain

Lar and I recently had the chance to go for a hike.  There is a massive 10 mile hike we want to do in Shenandoah, and also there is Old Rag, which we haven't done yet in 2016.  (Where did summer go?) But when Abigail expressed interest in going with us, we eagerly chose to hike with her on a shorter hike than go without her.  You have to nurture things like love of hiking and Broadway early!

So, we went on Old Rag on a crisp fall day, the leaves were just slightly past their peak and the temperature was somewhere in-between "I need two layers and I need only one."  Abigail only complained once around lunch time "when are we going to get there?" but when given the chance to turn around, she eagerly said that she wanted to keep going.  

We ended up going the first 3 miles up to what we call The First Break Spot, the big bald outlook before the all-rock scramble continues across the top.  (It took Abigail 1:40 to do this.) The 3 miles down from there were harder than I could have imagined.  Abigail declared "I agree with Mama.  I like going up better than down.  When you go up, the rocks help you but when you go down the rocks roll and try to trip you."  Preach it, girl.  (Wait until she has 40 year old knees!)

For lunch, we spent a leisurely half hour enjoying the view and greeting the other hikers coming past.  Abigail was by far the youngest.  Abigail loved eating Slim Jims and sipping "chicken breast soup" (broth) from a Thermos.  Larry and I loved giving her 100% of our attention for hours and hearing her stories from the world of 2nd grade.  ("We tried to spy on them at recess, but things didn't turn out as planned!" she said of the 2nd grade version of the Mean Girls.)

It was her idea to bring binoculars

We love her so much!

mmmm, hot broth on a cool hike

Where she is standing is rolling and steep.
This spot makes Larry hella' nervous, but what a great picture!

Standing on a spot that made Baba feel more comfortable.