Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Tree Picture

I was just editing photos that I have taken in the past month and was looking at a picture of Abigail, standing between the 2 trunks of a tree, a few days after she turned 8.  The picture was taken at a local park where we were on a short hike.

As I looked at the picture, I thought I had already taken one of her just like that.  So, I went into my photo files from a few days before she turned 3, and sure enough, there was a picture of Abigail standing between the 2 trunks of a tree at my brother's house.

I put the two pictures side by side and couldn't get over it.  The lines from one tree to the next.  Almost the same pose by my girl, 5 years and 1 week apart.  It looks like it could have been the same tree or a planned picture set, but it was all 100% happy accident.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Kenny Weekend

Cousin Kenny came to visit for the weekend!  

First, we enjoyed a fun trip to Alexandria for sushi and drinks before catching the pre-Broadway run of the new musical Mean Girls at the National.

On Saturday, Kenny came to cheer on Abigail in her last soccer game, in which the girls won(!) but we don't keep score.  The game was awesome; the girls had so much energy and did a lot of passing and were more aggressive than they were all season.  I am not sure if Kenny is their good luck charm or if not having 5 subs on a team that can only play 5 kids at a time was our winning strategy.  (I kind of suspect it was not having subs: the kids get bored and unfocused when they have to sit for 50% of every game.)

After that, we went on a short hike at Government Island and got caught in the rain, which was still fun.  

Additionally, the kids "helped" Kenny prepare some of his vials for his big "science fair" at NIH in Bethesda.  They were super impressed that Kenny is a Very Important Scientist and he taught them how to use the pipette correctly.  
Our favorite little mid-fielder in action!

Kenny the Human Sherpa (for carrying humans)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Pumpkin Patch! One of my favorite days each year!

We tried another new pumpkin patch this year: Sneads Asparagus Farm.  It. Was. Awesome!
There was so much for the kids to do and the property was SO beautiful.  So much of it reminded me of my parents' farm which they sold last summer to move to Virginia.  Speaking of my parents, since they did move to Virginia, they were able to go to the Patch with us today.

It was 85 degrees so we enjoyed the Patch in shorts instead of jeans and fleecy sweatshirts, but I will keep enjoying these hot days for as long as we are lucky enough to have them!

Here are a few pics. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pirate Day in D.C.

For our last big adventure of the summer, we took the kids on a pirate ship cruise in D.C.

They bought into the whole story that the pirates on the ship told them about the speedboat scurvy dog pirate who took the keys to the treasure chest.  Down the Potomac from Georgetown, past the Kennedy Center we went.

Joseph followed on the map and realized that we had gone under the Memorial Bridge and that, on the map, was where the treasure chest was depicted.

Lo-and-behold, this is where the speedboat scurvy dog pirate caught up to us.  The kid pirates blasted him with water cannons but he fled.

On the return trip, the kid pirates intimidated him so badly that he threw the keys back to the pirate ship and the kids were able to open the treasure chest and choose a prize.

It was so much fun, they forgot how hot they were.  They even walked around Georgetown with me afterward so I could find macarons!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Sunday Snapshot: Red Roll

At a local conveyor belt sushi place, Joseph homed in on some of his favorite fish, tuna!  Or, as he likes to call it, "red roll."

Abigail enjoyed veggies and a free dessert, brought out gratis because she is cute.  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

NYC 2017

Thanks to a very amazing friend of Larry's, who was in our wedding and has a cat in need of cat-sitting at an upper-east side apartment, we got to spend our first week of the summer in NYC with the kids!  We love that city.  Love love love it.  The kids got the hang of how to be little New Yorkers during this incredible week in the city.

There were only two things they couldn't get the hang of and one was not touching the bottom of their shoes all the time. You know, walk though the city, the subway, through garbage and then sit down and tuck your knees to your chest while rubbing your hands on the bottom of your shoes.  They did this 10 times per day.  (Although Joseph won The Gross Award when he was shopping for a souvenir car and was test driving it on the floor.  As he knelt on the floor testing the vehicle, he sneezed and a sneeze ball flew out of his nose and landed on the floor by the toy car.  As quick as a flash, he scooped it up with his finger and jammed it back into his mouth.  I can't even.)

The other thing they couldn't get the hang of was being quiet in the apartment.  Kids run everywhere.  And they don't run like delicate predators such as cheetahs, barely whisking the floor.  Nope.  They run like scared prey such as elephants.

Those 2 troubles aside, we did have a blast though and even did new things that Larry and I have never done in the 20 trips we've made there over the years.

We spent one day at Snug Harbor on Staten Island. Despite the quick rain showers we encountered on the Ferry ride, the day quickly shaped up to be clear and beautiful.  We enjoyed the Botanical Gardens, with a maze (complete with hedge maze, castle, and secret garden) and the Chinese Scholar's Garden.  Also on the property was a 4-floor children's museum that was almost empty of children.  I usually can't last 5 minutes in a children's museum, but we were able to let the kids explore this one at their own leisure.

The rainy Ferry ride to Staten Island

Joseph's expression!!

Read the plaque.  The maze was like the dreams of
my childhood for a secret garden like this.

He adores her.  

The kids also got to pick shows to see.  Abigail picked Wicked again.  (It is her 3rd time to see it in 10 months!)  Joseph picked the Gazillion Bubble Show.

I don't have a great concept of large powers of 10,
but there really might have been a gazillion bubbles.

Another fun pastime in NYC is to eat.  We love going to the Greenwich Village/ Lower Manhattan area for this sort of thing.  If you are going to NYC and want to know where to go, my suggestion is that you just walk down Macdougal Street and around NYU.  However, I do not recommend you ever let a child buy a "firecracker junior" from a Mr. Softee ice cream truck.  The picture on the truck is of a small popsicle thing, but in actuality, it is a giant sticky mess.

Never again.

Pomme Frites

We also enjoyed time playing in Central Park.

Abigail was our coxwain on this trip.
Her directions were "Leftish.  More middleish.
Leftish then straightish."

We also went to the Natural History Museum. We saved the Gem and Mineral Room for last because it is my favorite but I wanted to make sure the kids got to see the exciting other things like dinosaur bones and animals and things about outer space.  But in the Gem and Mineral Room they got a 2nd wind and it ended up being their favorite thing in the museum.

He was indignant that I said a Head Butting dinosaur
was his ancestor.  This was 3 minutes after he (accidentally) bashed
me with his skull.  

Oh my god she cracks us up!

The kids were exhausted but said they loved "living" in NYC.