Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break, Part 2

Our dear friend Seung Lan is visiting this week.  We are very excited to have her here.  She played a big role in our wedding over 10 years ago and was a reliable and close friend through our years living in Charleston. But 3 years ago we moved to Virginia and Seung Lan and her husband moved to Japan where they had a spunky, whip-smart, adorable little girl.  The past two days we have been doing DC tourist things: cherry blossoms, tidal basin walk, monuments, the mall, and 3 Smithsonian museums (American History, Natural History, and Air and Space). The weather has been overcast and drizzly, and we have been walking our butts off, but the girls are such good sports and seem to be having a blast!

Read the captions with the pics below for the full story of the past few days.
(And yes, we took Joseph to daycare.  Larry figured it would be easier to explain to him in years to come why he is not in any of the pictures than it would be do deal with him on the long, wet DC outings.)

Hanging out at TJ's memorial
(my absolute favorite)

Travelling many miles each day
by foot is much easier when you
can hitch rides on Mama's back.

Ditto that when you can ride together
on Baba
Getting psyched to climb all those
steps to see Ol' Abraham.

The crowds, which were the worst we have ever seen in DC, kept me
a safe distance from Lincoln.  Abigail took my camera and
disappeared into the crowd and came back with this awesome shot!
Ready to check out the WWII memorial

Over 2 hours of walking, my "starving" child manages a smile
at the Korean War Memorial.

They found reserves of energy buried deep within themselves
and just kept going and going and going
(Except when the 3 year old passed out
for a quick nap on beautiful
Seung Lan's back)

3 Museums in 1 Day
Favorites: Early Transportation (and Abigail
realized the wagon that Laura Ingalls
wrote about- not the red Radio Flyer that
Abigail uses and  had pictured making
its way across the prairie),
First Lady Dresses, Mammals,
Hope Diamond, and Aircraft Carrier

Much to our amusement, the girls also spent
a lot of battery life taking pictures of
each other taking pictures!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break, Part 1

We spent Easter weekend at The Farm (my parents' place in PA).
The kids had a blast.  Joseph enjoyed his first Easter.  We allowed the kids to eat the snacks from their Easter baskets for breakfast that morning and they were pretty crazy, but also very happy.

Abigail did farm chores like fixing a bird house.

They colored eggs

Jos doesn't have an Easter basket yet
but he loved his Easter Wagon

After the eggs had been found, they posed for a picture
before eating more snacks

And then it dried up enough that we spent all of Sunday
afternoon outside

Playing in the stream with her Yinski...

and then she fell in....
our old soul