Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Traditions

Abigail's Junior Kindergarten program is amazing.  They work on 1-3 words per week in thematic units and by the end of the week, Abigail always has new and impressive words in her vocabulary.  She uses "prototype", "measurement", "fiction", "non-fiction", and "perseverance" in sentences with ease.  But as we begin the holiday season, "tradition" is getting a lot of mileage.

We put up the Christmas tree today.  Abigail, now 4, knows the tradition: "We put Aunt Seung Lan on top of the tree," even though she was only 1 when she last saw Seung Lan and Seung Lan's precious daughter is a full 6 months older then when Abigail last saw Seung Lan, about to turn 2 this week.

But with tradition, Seung Lan is still in our hearts and on the top of our tree!