Saturday, December 31, 2011

5 minutes- PLEASE HELP with your time

To everyone who ever held their adopted child and knew that you couldn't love a biological child more,
to everyone who believes in what is best for kids,
to everyone who thinks our government can go too far from common sense,
to everyone with a soul:

50 minutes ago, a 2 year-old child in my city was given to her biological father whom she had never met.

The reason: even though he did not want anything to do with her from her birth and signed away his rights, even though her parents raised her from birth, he is 1% Cherokee (making the girl less than 1% Cherokee) and he used a 1978 law designed to keep Native American families together. He has no relationship with his other two children (by other mothers) but suddenly after 2 years, he wants this girl back.

I am afraid for this child and heartbroken for her family.

Read the full story by clicking here:

You can help by signing a petition and writing your senator.
This must be a form of child abuse.

Monday, December 26, 2011

1 Year Ago, The Day After Christmas

Yesterday was our first Christmas with Abigail.
Because one year ago today (American time), we met Abigail for the first time.