Saturday, November 21, 2015

Abigail: Best Kid Ever

Abigail continues to amaze us daily with her kindness, creativity and dry sense of humor (often times it is complexly tannin-like dry, although at other times, it does enjoy a good fart or boogie joke). She is an AMAZING big sister, with lightning-fast problem-solving skills and we adore her.

For example, the other day, Joseph had his last speech therapy in his current program (he is aging out). Suzanne, his speech therapist, suggested we get him to practice controlling his air better, such as having him puff out his cheeks full of air and holding it. Three adults couldn't get Joseph to do this if our lives depended on it. But later that evening, I causally mentioned to Abigail that it would be great if she could get him to puff out his cheeks with air, she turned away from me as if she hadn't paid attention to anything I said. But without missing a beat, she went to the playroom and said "Hey Joseph, we are going to pretend we are under the ocean..." and for the next 5 minutes she had him practicing the air thing!  

Again, today, she used her allowance to buy a new toy she really wanted.  Then she let Joseph sleep with it tonight, telling him that he could have the first turn.  

With all the talk of thankfulness this month, I don't know what Larry and I did to deserve this child in our lives!