Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Snow Break

Everyone was watching the weather for Friday.  The blizzard was supposed to start during the day sometime.  At school, we were preparing the kids with a bit of work for them to do, assuming we'd likely be out Friday and maybe some the next week.

But Wednesday night, after dinner, Lar took Abigail to karate and within an hour, a sheet of ice was precipitated and then snow began falling, fat and fast, on top of it.  Karate is 1.5 miles away and Larry was worried about making it home.  These "light flurries" (as they had been called in the forecast that morning), put us out of school starting on Thursday.  We found a lot to do with the kids inside.  We had to; we had 11 straight days with them, which was only 1 day shorter than our Christmas break this year!

My favorite activity that I did with Abigail was to do a "mommy and me" painting.

My little artist at work

Us with our finished paintings

Another thing that the kids chose to do (a LOT!) was playing in some of their costumes.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The First Snow of the Winter

It isn't much, and it isn't sticking to the ground, but the deck is apparently cold enough to have a dusting of accumulation.  The kids think it is a blizzard, so we'll just go with that!

"Hey Mama, how does Grandma's
Snow Stick work."

"We put it in the ground to see how much
snow we have."

"Oh.  How much do we have?"

"Um, hard so say with the grass in the way."