Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Baba's Day

Happy Baba's Day. Today we celebrate what makes fathers be dads.
I grew up with pretty much the best dad ever. As an adult, I am even closer to my dad and love him to pieces and hope that Abigail and Larry have the same kind of close relationship someday.
For now, Larry is the best Baba that Abigail could ask for.

shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe is almost always the person to hear her calls in the morning and get her out of her crib.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe starts her day with a dry diaper, a hot cup of milk, and some cuddling/reading/playtime.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe makes her a hot breakfast every morning.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe took 3 months off of work to take care of her.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe allows her to use his ipod to watch her favorite farm animals video.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe teaches her to sing and encourages her to explore playing the piano (with her hands, feet, butt...)
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe pushes her in her swing when it is 95 degrees outside just because she said "please"
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe pushes her in the jogging stroller so that she can enjoy being outside when he runs.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifWhen we are eating a meal, he will give her his food if she already ate all of hers and wants more.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe makes her laugh a hundred times per day.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifHe isn't afraid to get on the floor and play with her.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifBefore he goes to bed at night, he sneaks into her room to watch her sleep.
shape heart bullets 009=2783.gifShe has him wrapped around her little fingers and he adores her completely!

Larry is an amazing father and I can't imagine not having him on my team for this run as parents!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Second Week of Summer Break

Abigail loved the Gulf Breeze Zoo. It has a petting area and also a small area of regular zoo animals such as tigers and various monkeys and safari animals. It is pitiful compared to the natural habitat of the Pittsburgh Zoo, but Abigail loved it so much that we took her there 2 days in a row! The first day she wanted to be carried the whole time (I didn't mind obliging her!) but the second day she was old hat at this adventure and bravely led the way!

Lar and I were both really surprised at how much she really seemed to get out of the experience. She talked more than usual, tried to say the names of all the animals, and made their sounds (I hope to have a very adorable tiger roar video posted by the end of the week). When the monkeys were swinging back and forth on their ropes, she kept telling them "more please" and as we left each animal to go to the next one, she would say "bye bye monkeys" or "bye bye emus", blow them kisses and eagerly look to see what was next. Her favorite animals were the water buffalo (she kept mooing at it), the monkeys, and the goats.

This little kid just soaks up information and is always eager to learn more. She is so amazing. I wish that older kids and grown ups could all be as eager to learn as she is: our country would be a very different place if that was possible!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - First week of Summer Break!!

Abigail LOVES the "grocery store" at the Children's Museum.

After a morning of wave jumping with Baba, it was snack time on the beach.