Tuesday, February 11, 2014

And...........MeiMei's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abigail would like to introduce everyone to her baby BROTHER (not the sister who Mama and Baba initially planned for, but the brother she dreamed of), Joseph Li of Henan Province!  He just turned 14 months old.

Things are moving very fast: we got his referral on January 29th, Chinese New Year's Eve
then had to wait an excruciatingly long week for CNY to be over to lock his file the following Friday.
Then, on Monday, we received our Letter of Acceptance from China. 

Now we are furiously scurrying around to find a crib, dresser, and get clothes for a boy (since we had saved all of Abigail's old clothes, many dresses with tags still on them, of course, since she won't wear dresses!!).

Saturday, February 1, 2014

CNY: Year of the Horse

My year is the horse.  Abigail loves horses.  She is pretty excited.  (She did say she doesn't want a red envelope, "just a horse."  Um, yeah.  She got a toy horse from Michael's to add to her ever-growing animal collection, which already includes 18 horses).

Me: "Abigail, would you do a favor for me?"
A: "YEAH!!"
Me: "Great!  Put on a dress for 5 minutes for a Happy Chinese New Year picture."
A: "Awwwww."  (grumpy face) "You tricked me!"

90 seconds later:

Larry: "Why are you so upset?  What is wrong with this dress?"
A: "I hate dresses because they are too beautiful!!"

Me: "So you want me to take the picture with you crying?"
A: "Uh huh."
Larry: "Are you proud of this picture?"
A: "No.  Can I put on clothes now?"

Poor kid.