Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why We Moved Away from All of Our Friends

Almost 2 years ago, we moved away from all of our Charleston, SC friends.  Some had been leaving us: Jeff and Bri had to leave for career purposes, Seung Lan had to leave because her husband got stationed in Okinawa and Vernon left to pursue a higher degree closer to his son, just to name a few.  But others are still there and we miss them dearly, The Watkins Family, Betty and Larry's MPPC choir friends come to mind quickly.  (Sorry to "all y'all" who aren't mentioned individually!)

But we moved so that Abigail could grow up to know her family, so that her aunts and uncles could be almost like second parents to her, be close to her and not must be some strangers she saw twice per year.  

And a night like tonight, with Abigail nestled between her Aunt Kim and Uncle Dean, awake an hour after bedtime, adorned in Penguins gear, eating brownies she made for her Uncle's birthday, learning to cheer and yell at all of the right times like any other deranged sports fan, waiting for the next fight like any typical hockey fan, makes me happy. (Not the sports, of course, but the bonding.  The sports are insignificant compared with their shared experience.)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I feel the conflict within you" - Luke (Return of the Jedi)

Today we got our TA.  (For my non-adoption readers, that is our Travel Approval to finally buy plane tickets and go to China and get our son.  It is a very. Big. Deal.)

I have been anticipating this so intensely that I think the refresh button on my email no longer works.

I look at the picture of this little guy and have hopes and dreams for him.

I imagine who he is.  I think of the amazing responsibility I have to raise him to be a wonderful man.  My breath catches at the enormity of this responsibility.

And then I walk down the hall and see my first born. 

My spunky, creative, caring, intelligent wonderful daughter.

And I think about our TA and I want to cry.

Because I only have 2 weeks left with her.  Just her. 

Only 2 weeks until we make room in our lives for her brother.  

She is so innocent. And trusting. She trusts we are doing the right thing for our family.

And I have to believe that she is right.

Then I have to soak up every last bit of her, because I think the big sister we bring back from China is not going to be exactly the same kid. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Snapshots: Hanami Weekend

Someone wasn't thrilled at first
to be in DC and not be looking
at dinosaur bones or animals or gems.

Then she got really excited because her feet fell asleep while
riding Larry's shoulders and they began to feel "tickley"

Happy to be with her Yinski and Grandma Judy

It was a long morning for her, but she was a trooper and
had no major breakdowns of any kind.  (Not that she ever does.)

Monday, April 7, 2014

An Easter Egg Monday

We decided to dye a few eggs tonight.
She instantly grabbed this and said
"I get the octagon, Mama!"

Patiently checking on the progress
of the pink one.

"Abigail, if you have 2 eggs in the carton
and 3 eggs in the cups, how many eggs
do you have?"

"Ummmmm, 5 I think.  Let me check." 

Contemplating the eggs or the
fact that she had to use a Sam Adams tumbler.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beautiful, Inside and Out

pic taken in our yard, in Abigail's new "plain" shirt she picked out
Yesterday was the opening day of Kings Dominion, and with our season passes, we took Abigail.  She was so much more confident and brave than last year.  (She remembered where everything was too!  What an amazing memory.)  I felt so much happiness, contentedness and joy just watching her.  I love watching her body move: she is graceful, coordinated, and powerful.  I love watching her face as she laughs and squeals in delight and her happiness is so pure.  When she was on a ride, teasing Larry and me, or telling us a story about whatever, she just radiated joy and pleasure.  I cannot soak her all up.  I am so in love with this child, everything she already is, everything she promises to become.