Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Year of the Snake

I found directions to make a snake for Chinese New Year using old toilet paper tubes, pipe cleaners, and a ribbon for the tongue.  Abigail and I painted it with Tempra paint and she added some glitter glue where appropriate.  I think it looks awesome!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yup, I missed Christmas

Like everyone else, we were busy through December and then Larry and I got to spend our first ever Christmas together in our own home (instead of being in different places or traveling).  First time.  Ever.  (Well, since we began spending Christmases together 11 years ago!)
You know the story though:  Abigail was adorable, having family here was great, I am still trying to work off the food and M&Ms, Abigail got too many presents, she looks cute in front of a Christmas tree while wearing pajamas, Santa brought her a drum so she could be the Little Drummer Boy...

So I missed all of that in blog form.
But here are some recent pics to make up for it.
Abigail is getting the hang of putting her
own jeans on

On Abigail's first-ever snow-day home
from school, she made a snow-angel.

Abigail's cheeks were the cutest,
brightest red after she came inside after
sled riding on her first-ever snow-day.
Abigail and her Baba got interviewed
by the Korean news station at
the DC area Chinese New Year Festival.

Abigail is sporting her  mangy "Young Cossette"
or "Little Orphan Annie" type hair do
after a round of "GO CRAZY" on the couch.