Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last Week In Charleston: 2 Days to Go

Sorry, but I have no pictures today.
This morning, I took Abigail back to the aquarium to A) get her out of the house, B) get me out of the house, and C) give Larry some time to pack without interruptions.
It wasn't as awesome as Sunday because there were more people (and day camp groups) there, but Abigail did get to pet a baby alligator and 2 snakes.

When we returned home, our family friend Betty was there helping to pack the kitchen.  Abigail was delighted to have her friend Betty there.  She thought that Betty would be moving to Virginia with us.   It reminds me that I am saddest for Abigail than I am for myself to be leaving a place I have lived almost 12 years.

Betty left around 3:30 (after a futile attempt to get Abigail to nap with her) and I went shopping at the Asian food store for Abigail's favorite snacks.  She fell asleep in the car and everyone thought that the sleeping toddler I was lugging around on my shoulder was dear and precious, though no one helped me with my basket!

Finally, we ended the day with a wonderful dinner with our neighbors this evening, eating Lowcountry Boil and tomato pie (Caroline's is to DIE for-- and considering the 12 pounds of cheese in it, you probably will die from eating too much of it!!).   The kids all played together,  while the adults made easy conversation one last time.  I am so sad to be leaving this street, this neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Week In Charleston: 3 Days to Go


Today we returned to the beach, this time with family friends. 

This is Abigail sweetly holding hands with Julie

Julie's mom, whom Abigail calls "Shugga' Momma", helped
Abigail play with sea snails, take "Giant Steps" and laugh a LOT!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Last Week In Charleston: 4 Days to Go

Today the packing began on the difficult rooms:  the garage and the bathrooms.
Thank goodness we had Abigail's help for this task!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last Week in Charleston: 5 Days to Go


This morning I took Abigail to the aquarium as soon as it was open.  (I told her I was taking her somewhere that was a surprise and I gave her 2 hints:  I showed Abigail her Dori toy and her Nemo toy.  She thought about it and said "We're going to the AQUARIUM!!"  I love how she thinks through things.)  

Anyhow, on a Sunday morning, the aquarium is pretty empty for the first hour or so.  For the first time in a while, Abigail was brave and bold and she wasn't shy.  She proudly showed her membership pass at the front, held our tickets and then presented them at the upper entrance, volunteered to pose and smile for the souvenir photo, and didn't want to be carried the whole time.  She smiled and talked to people, went into the lemur exhibit, and spent a lot of time with "her" alligator.  

After about 75 minutes she said "Too many people here.  I want to go home now."  On the way out, she wanted to touch a frog statue that has terrified her in the past and then we played on the Riverwalk before going back to the car.  In the empty parking garage, she discovered the echo effect and had fun yelling and giggling at her sounds.  It was a great morning and I was thrilled at how easily Abigail played and explored the aquarium and came of her shell for awhile.

(A few months ago I never would have though Abigail would be in a "shell"!)

Last Week In Charleston: 6 Days to Go

We took Abigail to the Melton Peter Demetre Park on James Island.  We went at lowest tide, which was a mistake because in Abigail's words "This beach is pee-yoo."  It is much better to arrive just after high tide when the water is going back out, leaving all of the cool shells, but before the smells begin!  

At least I snapped a cute pic with the Cooper River Bridge in the background before we went home.