Monday, May 27, 2013


Her first catch of the weekend
We took advantage of a 3 day weekend and made the drive to PA to visit Grandma and Yinski.  Abigail got to experience her first time fishing.  She caught 5 on the first day.  She loved touching them and after the 2nd fish, she wanted to do everything herself and she became defensive and indignant when she was given any  help (especially with casting).  Abigail is more patient at fishing than I am!  (Abigail is more patient with many things than I am!)  On the 2nd day, she caught 2 and then just wanted to throw bread in the water and watch the fish eat. 

Becoming a bit more independent
Reeling in the "big one" as Baba looked on, jealous

During the visit, Abigail certainly enjoyed her days and being the center of attention among 4 adults.  But in the evening, she seemed to be experiencing "homesickness" for the first time.  She cried of wanting to be home and in her own bed and in her own room.  When I pointed out that she was having fun with her grandparents, she sobbed and agreed that she was and that she loves them but she just wished she could be home and she was very confused by that.

When Abigail is asked "what was your favorite part of the weekend" she simply said "playing with Grandma Judy."  My mom certainly had to earn her place this weekend:  Abigail had her on the floor playing before Larry and I even carried the suitcases in from the car, woke her at 5:15 in the morning to start playing, and ran her pretty hard.  During Sunday's nap time, Grandma Judy ended up asleep on a picnic blanket in the yard!  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

like a da Vinci

da Vinci used mirror writing (writing backwards) in his private writing and notes to himself.  
Abigail likes to write things up-side-down.  Sometimes for fun, we have seen her draw a smiley face or other thing up-side-down and then rotate her paper 180 degrees and exclaim with happiness when it looks "right". She shows of her work that way too:  "look, I did this one up-side-down."

I was sitting to the left on this picture, and Abigail to the right
Today, she asked me how to draw a ghost.  Since we were sitting across from each other on a table, I drew a ghost up-side-down, so that she could see it properly as I drew it.  Then she said "I want to do it."  She proceeded to draw a ghost for me, which was up-side-down for her.  

I hope this shows good spatial skills.