Monday, September 21, 2015

506 Days

Joseph spent 506 days in the beginning of his life in a crummy, dirty orphanage.  
As of today, he has spent 506 days in a family!  He has evened the score.  Starting tomorrow, he will begin to widen that gap.

Our energetic, bouncy little monster
In his first 506 days he didn't do what most kids do in their first 506 days.  He didn't learn to stand up on his own, to walk, to speak a first word.  He didn't give hugs, receive kisses, he didn't learn to be held and he didn't know how to be tickled.  He didn't experience the daily rhythms of tight-knit family life.

In his second 506 days, he can not only stand, of course, but he can walk and run well enough to keep up with his big sister.  Today he asked me to dance with him as he led me to our "dance floor" in the living room.  He climbs everything; Larry recently secured the bookshelves from our little monkey.  Jos is a super loving little boy and a champion at giving hugs and sloppy kisses, good at reasonably expecting that the people in his life will shower him with affection, cuddles, tickles and so much love.  

If Abigail does it, it must be the right thing to do!
He probably spent his first 506 days sleeping a lot since he wasn't ever out of his crib and didn't have any toys or mental stimulation.  He spent his second 506 days making up for this - typically getting only 8.5 - 9 hours per day yet still thriving, learning, growing and soaking up the daily routines of our family. 

We are looking forward to watching our little monster grow over his next 506 days and beyond.