Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Break Day 4

(I already wrote this entry once, but our computer froze, I lost everything, and am annoyed. This is the abbreviated version.)

Today when the temperature at our house hit 96 degrees (according to our car which was parked in the shade), I took Abigail to the beach. I did this by myself, without Larry. I would not recommend it. It was exhausting and I put everything in our wagon since I couldn't carry it all, but the wagon was impossible to pull on the beach access when the sand from the dunes was over the wheels.

Abigail however, LOVED it!! (I loved it vicariously through her. When she is happy, I am too.) Abigail loved the water (until it got on her head and face), she loved the sand, and she found a shell. (There are a million shells, but she found one in particular that she didn't put down until we got home!)

After she did the traditional beach things (water, sand, shells, check out 4 other families' blankets to see if Baba was there) all she wanted was to be pulled up and down the beach in her wagon!! She never wants to be pulled at home, but it was the Thing to do at the beach today!

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