Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Riding A Tricycle, Yinski would be so proud

On Sunday and on Monday, I took Abigail to the 700+ acre county park right by our house and I brought her tricycle.  We parked.  She rode from the parking lot to the kayak launch.  I estimate 300 yards.  She ran up and down the dock a while, alternately retrieving rocks and throwing them in the water.  Then she rode her tricycle back past the car (600 total yards, if you are keeping track) and to a look-out tower and play-structure (300 yards in the other direction, for a total of 900 yards).  She climbed on the play structure for 20 or 30 minutes.  (We left because a Mt. P mom in heels with $200 highlights was on the phone while her misbehaving son - age 8 or so - rough-housed Abigail right off the top of a 15 foot slide while she didn't say a damn thing.)  Then Abigail rode back almost the entire way to the car, stopping only 40 or 50 yards short and walking.  


That means my intrepid little girl rode nearly 7/10 of a mile on her tricycle.  

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