Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unknown Boo-Boo Identified, 17 Months Later

For those of you who have been following this blog since we first met Abigail in China, you may have remembered this entry "Guess Who Has A Boo-Boo".

We now know the name of the mysterious boo-boo she had in China;  it was a paronychia, which is basically an infection that started under her fingernail and then grew to a full-blown infection of her finger.  

How do we know this?  Because on Tuesday we had to take her to the emergency clinic because she has another one.  The nice P.A. at the clinic cleaned her finger and then carefully lanced it.  We distracted Abigail to look away right before the cut was made and all of a sudden her eyes got very wide and she said "OWIE?"  Yup.  She asked it as a question, as if to say "Is this what an owie feels like?"  

Poor kid.  Larry and I would have been laughing if we didn't feel so sorry for her.  Then she forgot to breathe for a moment or two and when she remembered to breathe, she sucked in all the air from the room and let out a scream to alert everyone else at the clinic that she was there and she was in pain.

This whole saga happened just hours after Abigail was at the MUSC Craniofacial Clinic for her annual check-up by the whole craniofacial team (cosmetic surgeons, orthodontists, ENTs and ENT surgeons, pediatric dentists, and a speech therapist are among members of her team).  In one afternoon, she gets to see all of these specialists in one place.  It is a great program and we will certainly miss it when we move.  Abigail got all positive reports from every specialist but we were most happy that the speech therapist was very impressed with her and her speech and vocabulary.  (Of course, given that Abigail is going through a shy phase, she did very little talking in front of the speech therapist.  However, I anticipated this problem and brought several short videos of her talking up a storm at home, mastering some difficult sounds like F, B, S, and T.)

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