Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend near Pensacola, Plenty of Pics

Abigail attended her grandmother Kathleen's retirement brunch on Friday.  
She spent most of the time playing on the sandy playground.

We spent the rainy Saturday (13 inches of rain that day) cleaning out Kathleen's classroom
(she is a kindergarten teacher and let Abigail have many of her books!)
and then hanging out on the screened-in porch.

Abigail had Grandma check out a possible boo-boo.  (It was okay.)
But Sunday was almost as rainy as Saturday so they played inside all day.
Abigail said "Mama, go away!" so she could have Grandma to herself.

On Monday, the rain finally stopped.
We went to the zoo.  Abigail fed llamas.

And then got bit by a giraffe (according to her).
(There was blood, but I think it was a cuticle or something.)
Abigail said the giraffe felt "sorry."

The perpetrators right before the incident happened.

Petting baby goats is pretty safe. 
And very cute!

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