Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last Week In Charleston: 2 Days to Go

Sorry, but I have no pictures today.
This morning, I took Abigail back to the aquarium to A) get her out of the house, B) get me out of the house, and C) give Larry some time to pack without interruptions.
It wasn't as awesome as Sunday because there were more people (and day camp groups) there, but Abigail did get to pet a baby alligator and 2 snakes.

When we returned home, our family friend Betty was there helping to pack the kitchen.  Abigail was delighted to have her friend Betty there.  She thought that Betty would be moving to Virginia with us.   It reminds me that I am saddest for Abigail than I am for myself to be leaving a place I have lived almost 12 years.

Betty left around 3:30 (after a futile attempt to get Abigail to nap with her) and I went shopping at the Asian food store for Abigail's favorite snacks.  She fell asleep in the car and everyone thought that the sleeping toddler I was lugging around on my shoulder was dear and precious, though no one helped me with my basket!

Finally, we ended the day with a wonderful dinner with our neighbors this evening, eating Lowcountry Boil and tomato pie (Caroline's is to DIE for-- and considering the 12 pounds of cheese in it, you probably will die from eating too much of it!!).   The kids all played together,  while the adults made easy conversation one last time.  I am so sad to be leaving this street, this neighborhood.

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