Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Snapshot: The Santa Train

Right after Thanksgiving, Larry read about the VRE's Santa Train:  12 commuter trains leaving different stations at different times to give kids a 1 hour ride on a train with Santa.  Last year, the tickets sold out in 12 minutes on-line.  This year, in a real "teacher of the year" moment, Larry stopped teaching his class on a Monday morning at 8:58 to be ready when the tickets went on sale.  He snagged 3 tickets to the 8:30 AM Santa Train before tickets sold out to the whole event at 9:04!!

It was hard to tell if Larry or Abigail was more excited, but it was a very fun event.  I hope we can do it next year.  (Also, if any kid tells my precious daughter that there is no Santa before she turns 6, I will find and neuter that kid.  Seriously.)
The many faces of Abigail as she sees Santa coming down the aisle of the Santa Train!

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