Saturday, March 16, 2013

Another Update through Pictures

How are we in the middle of March already?  Not that I mind: January always feels too new and plain after the wonderful holiday season, and February is just cold and uneventful as a month.  But now we are starting to have teases of spring.  

Abigail loves doing "art" with me.  Here is a pic of
her as she experimented with her "blue period."

Abigail enjoyed staying home from school to play
in the snow for the (last?) big snow of the year.
You'll have to ask her why her snowman has
arms coming out of his head.

This is how you know when it is time to go inside.

We spent a few different weekends recently dog-sitting
for various dogs.  It has convinced us that we NEED to
get a dog for Abigail.  We have no idea how we
entertain her without a dog.  As soon as we find an 8-12 pound
dog that isn't a big shedder, we'll do it.  Small dogs are SO
hard to find though.  It seems like the shelters are full of big
dogs, which is not a surprise.

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