Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Trip to PA, part 2

Another highlight of our trip to PA was that I got to see my oldest friend (we have been friends for 23 years: since junior high school), her wife, and their baby girl.  

Abigail had some wonderful "big sister" type moments, when she pulled baby E in a wagon and gave her a piggy back ride (with my dad's help) and showed baby E the horses on the farm.  

But Abigail also had some challenging moments too, that we need to address before (and probably more after) we bring her sibling home from China.  For example, she wouldn't share with baby E, even if the item under contention was one that Abigail NEVER is interested in.  She didn't want to share a ball, any of 3 pumpkins, some baby toys, a toy rake; whatever the baby took interest in was what Abigail wanted at that exact moment.  Often, I can talk to Abigail logically on her level and get her to think clearly when she is making crazy decisions, but that didn't work this time!

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