Saturday, March 22, 2014

"It just feels like our whole life is waiting until we get to travel to China." -Larry

The dresser and hutch, covered in books
and things we are organizing for our
impending trip to China.
With the "gift" of 17 snow-days home from school this winter, we have been making ourselves busy with adoption things as much as we can.  

In the interest of not spending extra money, we got a free dresser from Craigslist, which I refinished in black.  Then we bought a used desk with hutch for $15 and I refinished the hutch in black and we have assembled those together for Joseph Li's room.  It is going to be a bedroom to grow into, not a nursery.  He'll be almost a year and a half old when he joins our family, so a cutesy nursery didn't seem right.  Instead, I am doing the room in moss green and black.  

Abigail has been happy to give Joseph her old board books and clothes she doesn't need anymore.  Unprompted, she also asked me to move her toy box into his room because she is "not a baby anymore" and he "will probably like it."  

Larry is ready to travel, as indicated by his quote and title of this entry.  I am nervous at this time because our family is SO perfect right now, with the most perfect little kid and I just don't want to mess it up in any way.  But if Abigail can be a good role model for her little brother, we will have nothing to worry about!!  She is an amazing person and she is "so ready for this change" (Anna, Frozen -- we have had it playing non-stop since the DVD came out on Tuesday!!).

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