Monday, November 14, 2016

He would eat the marshmallow

Larry and I are big fans of the Stanford marshmallow experiment.
Abigail once, at the age of 2, held a donut on a 12 minute car ride home on the promise that she would be allowed to eat the whole thing if she could wait until she got home to eat it but would only be allowed half if she ate it in the car.

Joseph, however, he would eat the marshmallow.  Then find a way to sneak another.  And if he couldn't be sneaky, he would find a way to sweet-talk the psychologist into a 2nd anyhow.  That is just the kind of boy he is.

So, when we heard from his Montessori teacher that he was beyond meticulous on an art project recently, that he was so patient with himself and so perfectionist that he re-did it 3 times to get it just the way he wanted, we were elated!  The boy isn't a wrecking ball 100% of the time! He can be patient!

I present to you the Painted Noodle Turkey:

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