Monday, August 28, 2017

Pirate Day in D.C.

For our last big adventure of the summer, we took the kids on a pirate ship cruise in D.C.

They bought into the whole story that the pirates on the ship told them about the speedboat scurvy dog pirate who took the keys to the treasure chest.  Down the Potomac from Georgetown, past the Kennedy Center we went.

Joseph followed on the map and realized that we had gone under the Memorial Bridge and that, on the map, was where the treasure chest was depicted.

Lo-and-behold, this is where the speedboat scurvy dog pirate caught up to us.  The kid pirates blasted him with water cannons but he fled.

On the return trip, the kid pirates intimidated him so badly that he threw the keys back to the pirate ship and the kids were able to open the treasure chest and choose a prize.

It was so much fun, they forgot how hot they were.  They even walked around Georgetown with me afterward so I could find macarons!

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