Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Match Day Abigail!!

We do not celebrate "Gotcha' Day" for Abigail for several reasons.  I detest the term "Gotcha' Day."  It is the day after Christmas.  It was probably the most traumatic and awful day of Abigail's life, including the day she was abandoned.  But we do make a big deal out of her Match Day.  

Me: Abigail, what is a Match Day?
A: The day you get matched to a family.  It is a big celebration.  You might get a present or a surprise or cupcakes but it is about getting picked for a family.

Pretty darn good, I thought.  Joesph went to daycare today so Abigail got undivided attention from both of her parents all day long.  At first she wished we didn't adopt Joseph so it could be like this all the time, like it used to.  But by the end of the day, we had worn her so completely out that she was begging for time alone and happy to have her brother back home.

When we were in China in May to adopt Joseph, Abigail really REALLY wanted a pearl necklace from the pearl market.  It isn't time.  So I made a cute little choker type of necklace for her using some left over pearls.  When she saw it this morning and how she looked in it she whispered "Wow.  WOW," very softly.

After that, we rented a horse for a 1-kid "pony ride."  It was 45 minutes through woods and fields while the horse was on a lead rope.  Abigail didn't want to get off.  The horse was named "Melody" and Larry and I can't get over how naturally athletic Abigail is at everything she does.  Her posture was perfect.  Absolutely amazing.  She was so at ease on Melody. 

 (The car ride home wan't too cheery because Abigail was just *so* sad about not being on the horse any more. It was like the stages of grief condensed into 30 minutes.)

I make her take a pic every year on Match
Day of her holding her Match Picture
She told me last week that she regrets ever saying
that she wishes for her own horse because now it
can never come true.  :(  

Next up, she picked lunch: the what and when.  That was followed by brownie making, eating a whole carton of raspberries, coloring, going to the library (where she wanted more books on giraffes- I love that she is so into non-fiction), and a trip to the frozen yogurt place.  

The evening ended with Karate lessons, her favorite dinner (dumplings), and reading books on giraffes.  

I could not imagine Abigail being matched to another family, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect kid for our first child.  We love her so much and she brings us so much joy.

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