Monday, July 7, 2014

We did not see this coming, aka, coxsackievirus is a bitch

Poor Joseph.

He has these sores on his throat, in his mouth, on
his tongue, all over his palms, soles of his feet,
stomach, and legs, as well as in the "diaper area."

He got hand-foot-and-mouth disease.  According to our pediatrician, it is going around town fast.  Joseph is miserable.  Starting with Saturday night, he cries/ screams/ doesn't actually sleep.  He is in pain.  He is uncomfortable.  He is confused.  And there isn't much we can do to help him.  He won't even eat or drink, and those of you who know him, you know how much food he can put down in a day!  We are trying to get enough liquids in him that he won't end up dehydrated in a hospital, hooked up to an IV, which is not impossible at this point.

My wonderful mother-in-law, Grandma Kathleen to the kids, had to cancel her planned trip to visit this week because her weakened chemo-immune system can't risk the exposure to very contagious diseases.  Abigail cried when we told her this news.  

The real cherry on top of this mess:  Joseph is teething.  So he is drooling buckets.  This virus is contagious through saliva, among other things.  I cannot stress the bucketfulls of drool the poor kid is leaving in his wake, apparently full of nasty little microbes out to due in our whole family.  Abigail is finally wanting to play with her brother but we are trying to keep her away from the waves of drool lapping over every toy and shared surface.  It is an impossible effort.

I am hoping that:
1) Joseph can sleep and eat and be comfortable again soon.
2) No one else in our house ends up with this thing

Keep your fingers crossed for us.

A better pic of Joseph, during a more content time:
after stuffing himself all day on
his first 4th of July, hanging at the farm.

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