Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Proud to be a Minnow

I have seen the stat that a typical pre-schooler asks 144 questions per day.  Joseph, god bless him, reaches his quota by about 9:15 AM.  I try to nurture his questions to promote his love of learning and curious nature.  But sometimes, I am just worn out.  Read:  I begin to make sh*t up.  (Ask me sometime about the great footballer Silas Bojangles.)

Sometime this past spring, I was with the kids and Abigail was talking about being a GES Gator.  And we talked about the Wildcat mascot where Lar and I teach.  And the Tiger mascot at the middle school.  And the Bobcat mascot for another school. More questions kept coming.  At some point, Joseph wanted to know what animal represented his school.  Ready for the interrogation to be over, I quickly answered with mock surprise "Oh Joseph, don't you know you are a Merit School Minnow?" 
He saved face by saying "Oh yeah, I knew that."

The conversation was forgotten (by me, at least) until last night.  I asked Joseph how he was enjoying his summer break so far and he said it was great, but then sighed and paused and said "I miss being a Minnow though, and seeing Ms. Kelly and Mr. Jay and getting Friday dum-dums."

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