Tuesday, May 20, 2014

4th Day Home

I have flown to Asia and back 3 times.  All 3 times, I was pretty good, if not perfect (sleep-wise) going there but in a week-long hang-over upon my return to the States.  This is no exception, although I blame the kids a lot for that.  Abigail is exhausted and falling asleep like a narcoleptic every evening hours before her bedtime.  This means after a full night of sleep, she is awake and ready to go at 3:30 each morning.  We are trying to push her back, but no luck yet.  She keeps falling asleep too early and is un-wakeable.

Joseph LOVES riding in the wagon

playing at home

Joseph was sleeping a healthy 10-11 hours through the night in China.  But now he doesn't know when night is.  He also is getting better, but isn't there yet.  It took Abigail a month to get on the right time zone when we adopted her and brought her home and I do think that Joseph is going to get adjusted faster than that.

We feel very fortunate that my parents are here for over a week to help us all adjust, do some cleaning, food prep, baby-sitting, and child-entertaining.  They are definitely earning their keep this week!  From watching Abigail riding on my mom's back (the horsie) as she crawled on the floor after Joseph, to my dad working through a to-do list we had for him, in addition to babysitting duties, they are going to be happy to go home I think!

The Grandparents brought gifts!

Abigail is over the moon for her new "Bone and Arrow"

Hangin' with Yinski

We got back Saturday at about 1 in the morning.
We slept and when we woke, I felt pretty rested.  I didn't think the jet lag was going to get me.
My brother Jim and his wife Steph came for a visit.  Then it hit me.  Those two really earned their Aunt and Uncle badges that day because I fell asleep and the kids were also trying to fall asleep at 4 pm, so they kept the kids awake and played with them.  I thought they were just coming for a nice visit and they ended up working their tails off.  We couldn't have been more appreciative!

Steph played with Joseph and Abigail.
Jim had to play Superheros with Abigail
for hours in the basement so I didn't get his picture.

On Sunday morning, my other brother Dean and his wife Kim came for a visit.  They were so sweet to Abigail, giving her that extra attention she is craving so much now.  They also brought our dog back, 2 pounds lighter, which is great because she is no longer a football-shaped min pin, but much more dog-shaped.  Kim apparently put her through doggie-boot-camp.

Uncle Dean with his new nephew.
(Kim was playing with the dog, who
tried to go home with her again!) 

Monday was a rough day; Joseph had his well-baby check up and was inoculated against 8 different diseases in 6 vaccines and was also given a TB test.  So, after getting stuck 7 times, he was not Happy Baby the rest of the day.  We can't blame him, but it made for a rough day.  Abigail returned to karate and my parents got to take her.  Dad said of the class, "Usually you have to pay for entertainment like that!"

A real life He-Man

Tuesday has seen the return of Happy Baby.  Joseph has been having so much fun playing today that I was loathe to put him down for a nap but knew that it was necessary in order to get him onto the right time schedule.  We also took the kids for our first jog together as a family of 4.  They enjoyed it and Larry is really going to get into shape pushing 50 pounds of kid and 37 pounds of stroller!!

Happy Baby is back!

Working on our dinner.
It is probably hard-boiled eggs: his favorite food!


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