Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Is it a Karate Day?"

At home, Abigail wakes up early every day and then always asks two questions.  "Is it a School Day?" and "Is it a Karate Day?"

She likes when the answers are yes, which is a testament to how much she loves her Junior-Kindergarten program and how much she loves her Tae-Kwon-Do class.

A very flexible Kung Fu guy. 
He was the only one in the show who was
still enough that I could get a good picture.
The past 13 days in China have been no different.  Every day she wants to know if it is a school day and a karate day and when it is, she asks if we are going back to America for them, karate class in particular.   (Apparently, our 30-hour trip to China has been erased from her memory or she doesn't understand just how far away Tiger Lee's Studio is!)

Anyhow, the other day when we went to the Shaolin Temple, Abigail got to see a Kung Fu demonstration/show.  (It was very commercialized, but she didn't know that.)  She sat on the edge of her seat and whispered "This is SO awesome!"  I asked her if she was that good at karate yet and she said no.  (I thought this was good self-awareness.  A few months ago when she tried ballet lessons and saw a YouTube video of the "Anything Goes" Broadway show-stopper dance with Sutton Foster and I asked her if she danced that well, she said yes.)

Abigail, about to un-sheath her (bamboo) sword.
Abigail was super good at the Shaolin Temple (this was the day Larry had food poisoning) and so I promised her a souvenier if she was good.  (International Rules include bribery and letting your child drink soda.)  Since the cross-bow she liked wouldn't fit in the suitcase, she choose a "sword" that she proudly carries around now.

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