Saturday, May 10, 2014

Guangzhou at last!

Let me tell you about Friday.  Larry was up half the night with food poisoning, violently throwing up everything he ate for the past 7 years or so.  So on Friday, he stayed at the hotel while I took the kids to the Shaolin Temple/ Monastery with most of our group.  Very lucky for me, I am traveling with some great people, so when I needed to comfort Abigail after she hit her head or run to the bathroom, someone was always able to help me with Joseph.  I was wearing him on my front, and a day pack on my back and Abigail did really well not whining about having to walk the whole time.  The place was huge and there was a lot of walking, but it was very pretty in the mountains.  Anytime someone commented on my 2-kids-on-my-own situation (it was exhausting), I said it was better doing that than having Larry's problem.  Since my hands were full, I gave Abigail the camera for the day.  Here are some of her highlights:

Here is how babies ride in vehicles in China
No car seats.  No seat belts.
Good for building core muscles.

An Abigail special

If you give a 4 year old the camera for the day...

At the Temple entrance (taken by someone in our group)
Early this morning (it is Saturday in China), we flew to Guangzhou.  It was a smooth and easy flight.
Once here, Joseph napped while Abigail checked out the play room and playground.  She is excited and much happier here than in the hotel in Zhengzhou.  (Well, we all are, actually.)  Then after that, our family took a taxi to Shamian Island.  It almost felt like home there!  We bought Joseph some squeaky shoes (which he LOVES and they have already increased his walking by about 5-fold) and then went for a Happy Birthday Larry/ Happy Mother's Day Me/ No Food Poisoning Celebration Dinner at Lucy's.  Then we let the kids play on a play ground and walked around, enjoying the island, the breeze, the views, and how wonderful the island is before taking a taxi back to our hotel.
Saying goodbye to Yisha

Waiting at the airport.
We have an almost identical pic of Abigail doing this
with her Baba at the same airport several years ago

Abigail wanted to use the camera again.
I think she was trying to get Joseph to take selfies.

In Joseph news, on Monday when we met him he was a baby with skills of a 9-month old.  But he is learning rapidly and catching up, achieving milestones on 10-12 month old lists.  Many things he needed to be shown how to do, and then he just took it from there.  Other things he is showing us that he can do.  He waves at EVERYONE like a super-friendly crazy person.  He walks while only holding onto 1 finger and tries to "run" a few steps.  He identifies me as "mama" and cries when he is hungry.  He is cruising all over the hotel room getting into everything and doing goofy things like hiding on the shelf in a night table.  He likes to tease us with games he makes up.  He has an irresistible personality and is really a lovable little guy!
Happily playing with stacking cups and teasing me with them.


  1. I saw where Tammy Watkins commented via Facebook and was so excited to see you have a blog! I haven't seen you or Larry since you taught two of my girlies at Wando (Maggie and Claudia Lofton) longer ago than I care to admit to--- I am so excited to be able to catch up on your wonderful family!

  2. So glad to hear that Joseph is catching on quickly! I knew he would, he is an O'Brokta, after all...