Thursday, May 8, 2014

OMG, when do we get to leave Zhengzhou!?!!??!

Of the 3 cities we spend much time in while in China, Zhengzhou is never the favorite for Henan families. Other than being the city where you meet and adopt your child, there is not much redeeming about it.   Half the people are sick from food or water here.  The Internet is prohibitively slow (the 2 posts I have managed from this city both took around 2 hours to do).  Besides walking 20 minutes to Chinese Wal-Mart to buy more diapers and baby treats and strolling through a park there isn't much to do. Yesterday afternoon and today, we found ourselves having hallway "parties" with our kiddos, counting down the days until our flight to Guangzhou in a few days.

Abigail is awesome.
She did, however, ask us to leave Joseph here in China.
Larry and I are both kinda' sick with flu-like symptoms (aches and pains and touchy stomachs), so I'll just post some great pics of my kiddos, which is the whole purpose for being here! 
Hall party in the Crowne Plaza

Joseph has started exploring on his own.
This onsie from his Aunt Kim is comically large!
At the park near the hotel there is a beautiful rose garden.
Actually, this city and Beijing were just covered in roses.

Carrying Joseph on my front was making my
back hurt after a while this morning, so Larry
volunteered to take him since Abigail was
walking and not wanting to be carried.
37 seconds later...

We have a pic of Abigail eating a
pancake here a few years ago.
In China, toddlers wear split pants.
Here is how they work.
Look out where you step!!!


  1. Hope the rest of your trip gets better & y'all feel better also! Love the photos of the kids!!!

  2. I am with you! It was my least favorite city! I felt trapped. Hard to get around! To far from the Walmart. Their is a good restaurant right across the street. Not sure who your guide is, but we had the best green beans their and garlic chicken wings. It Rita is your guide ask her! Fun memories in the hall. That is the only thing about Guangzhou I didn't like was that we were all on separate floors.